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Exhibition from the Permanent Collection

The tradition of Buddhist art has continued in Japan since the Asuka period. Buddhist art contains diverse artworks, including sculptures and paintings worshiped in temples, sutras and other religious texts that convey the teachings of Buddhism, handscroll paintings of religious tales and legends, reliquaries for Buddhist relics or sutras, decorative arts used to ornament the interior of temples for various ceremonies, and archeological artifacts excavated from temples or other Buddhist sites.

Masterpieces of Buddhist Art
[West Wing]

The Exhibition from the Permanent Collection in the West Wing separately displays paintings, writings, decorative arts, and archeological works.

◆December 11 (Tue.), 2018 - March 14 (Thu.), 2019

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Masterpieces of Buddhist Sculpture
[Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall]

The Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall presents an overview of Japanese sculptures, mainly Buddhist sculptures from the Asuka period (538–709) to the Kamakura period (1185–1333), with additional artworks from China and other countries where Buddhism might have originated.

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Audio Guide
The Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall’s audio guide offers about 30 items of audio content.
The audio guide is available in English, Mandarin and Korean.
Charge: 500 yen

Important Cultural Property Standing Tamonten
Important Cultural Property Standing Tamonten
Nara National Museum
Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall

Exhibition from the Permanent Collection: Chinese Ancient Ritual Bronzes [Ritual Bronzes Gallery]

Examples of ancient Chinese bronzes of the Shang Dynasty (Yin) through the Han Dynasty

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Wine Vase, You,
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