Special Exhibitions & Feature Exhibitions

Special Exhibition

The 74th Annual Exhibition of Shōsō-in Treasures

Saturday, October 29th – Monday, November 14th, 2022 (Reiwa 4)

The New Wings of the Nara National Museum

North Section
Eight-Lobed White Bronze Mirror Inlaid with Gold and Silver Cutouts in Black Lacquer on the Back

Feature Exhibition

Treasures of Tōdaiji’s Omizutori Ritual

February 4, 2023(Sat)–March 19, 2023(Sun)

The East Wing, Nara National Museum

Thematic Exhibition from the Permanent Collection

Newly Conserved Cultural Properties

February 21, 2023(Tues)–March 19, 2023(Sun)

The West Wing, Nara National Museum

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