Privacy Policy

Basic Policy

When it is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of this website (Hereafter, “the Website”), which is administered by the Nara National Museum (Hereafter, “the Museum”), and in order to best serve our community, the Museum gathers personal information about users who visit the Website. (Gathering this information allows us to distribute the online newsletter and circulate information; administer our “Contact Us” page; and facilitate online registration for programming and guidance from volunteers.) We will handle the personal information we gather in accordance with our “Purpose of Use” policy outlined below.

Scope of Collection

The Website does not collectpersonally identifiable information about individuals, such as names or birthdays. The exceptions are as follows:
(1) The Website automatically collects your Internet domain name, IP address, and other information regarding your accessing the site.
(2) You will be required to enter your email address in order to receive the online newsletter, though you are requested to provide your gender, date of birth, and the prefecture where you reside as well.
(3) We require that those who make use of our “Contact Us” online form provide their name and email address.

Purpose of Use

With reference to (1) above: this information is consulted to ensure the smooth operation of the Website.
With reference to (2) above: email addressesare only gathered for distribution of the online newsletter. The other information you are requested to provide is only used for analysis into who is accessing the Website.
With reference to (3) above: opinions and comments gathered through the “Contact Us” page are used to inform future programing and operations at the Museum. Please note that, depending on the content, what is gathered here can be shared with the relevant department at the Museum and/or with appropriate recipients within the National Institutes for Cultural Heritage organization.
In addition, in cases where a response is warranted, your name and email address will be used.

Restrictions on Use and Disclosure

Aside from cases where the disclosure of this information is required by law or regulation—for instance in the event of illegal activity such as unauthorized access or some other threat, the Museum will only voluntarily use the information it collects as outlined in the “Purpose of Use” section of this page, and it will not share this information with third parties. However, it may release data about the demographics of visitors to the site once this data has beenstatistically processed. It may also use the content of a question, comment or suggestion submitted through the site in composing the “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

Security Measures

The Museum will take necessary measures to prevent breaches that result in the leaking, loss, or damage of the personal information it gathers.

Scope of Application

This Privacy Policy applies only to the Website ( The handling of personal information on other websites is the responsibility of those respective organizations and institutions.


This Privacy Policy may be revised as necessary.