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Collection Database

This database contains data of the cultural properties owned by the museum. Information on roughly 1,300 objects from the fields of sculpture, painting, writing, decorative arts, and archeology is available.

Image Database

This database contains data of images taken and preserved by the museum. Information on roughly 100,000 images, including color/monochrome films (4 × 5 inches) and digital images, is available.
Digital images of the collection owned by the museum are available online. Other digital images and photographic cards can be browsed at the Buddhist Art Library.

Request for Using Photographic Images

If you wish to publish or borrow photographic images as well as take photographs of the museum collection and donated artworks, please follow all necessary procedures. To apply for permission, please follow the instructions and fill out the appropriate forms.
・ Request Form
・ Order Form
・ Price List
・ Terms and Conditions of Licensing Agreement

If you wish to borrow photographs, please determine their availability via the museum database or publications.
If the artwork you wish to use is not owned by the museum, you must obtain an agreement of use from the artwork’s owner.
Inquiries: Curatorial Division, Nara National Museum
FAX: 0742-22-7221
EMAIL: tokkan@narahaku.go.jp

All data and images of the journals of the Nara National Museum are available.

Volume 1Volumes 2 & 3 (combined issue)Volume 4 Volume 5 Volume 6Volume 7
Volume 8Volume 9Volume 10Volume 11Volume 12Volume 13Volume 14
Volumes 15 & 16 (combined issue)
Available for sale at the Museum Shop.

Major Publications

List of exhibition catalogs recently published by the museum
Available for sale at the Museum Shop

Inquiries on the purchase of publications (bulletins, exhibition catalogs, etc.)
Museum Shop inside the Nara National Museum
(Buddhist Art Foundation)
TEL:0742-26-3868 FAX:0742-26-3877