West Wing

Facade of the West Wing
展示室 絵画
Exhibition room-
展示室 書跡
Exhibition room-
展示室 工芸
Exhibition room-
展示室 考古
Exhibition room-
Archaeological artifacts

The West Wing holds the Exhibition from the Permanent Collection of paintings, written materials, decorative arts, and archeological artifacts. Exhibitions usually rotate monthly so that visitors can enjoy different masterpieces at every visit. However, the Exhibition from the Permanent Collection may sometimes be supplanted by special exhibitions such as the Annual Exhibition of the Shōsōin Treasures.
The first floor library contains a collection of 300 books including complete photo books of art. Visitors interested in the art and history of Buddhism are welcome to this facility. From the window on the south side, one can see the garden and the Hassōan teahouse.

About the building

The reinforced concrete building designed by architect Junzō Yoshimura was completed in 1972. In 1998, the building was chosen for exhibiting the collection of 100 beautiful public architectural works sponsored by the Ministry of Construction. The external appearance is reminiscent of the Shōsōin Storehouse and has glass walls on the first floor, harmonizing with the surroundings.