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Special Exhibition

Sacred Treasures of Ancient Nara:The Eleven-Headed Kannon of Shōrinji Temple

The National Treasure image of Jūichimen Kannon (Skt. Ekādaśamukha-āvalokiteśvara) from Shōrinji Temple is revered as one of the great masterworks of Tenpyō-period sculpture. This statue will be on display alongside others from the temple where it was once enshrined, Daigorinji, part of Ōmiwa Jinja Shrine.

Devotion to the natural world is central to Ōmiwa Jinja faith, and objects reflecting beliefs from this shrine excavated from the mountain that is its central deity, Mount Miwa, are to be showcased as well.

Sacred Treasures of Ancient Nara: The Eleven-Headed Kannon of Shōrinji Temple
National Treasure
The Eleven-Headed Kannon
(Shōrinji Temple, Nara)


February 5th, 2022 (Sat)–March 27th, 2022 (Sun)


The museum is closed on February 7th (Mon), 21st (Mon), 28th (Mon), and March 22nd (Tues).


9:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

*On Saturdays, hours are extended to 7:00 P.M
*Last entry is 30 minutes before the museum closes.


The East Wing, Nara National Museum

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