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Feature Exhibition

Treasures of Tōdaiji’s Omizutori Ritual

Saturday, February 6th to Sunday, March 21st (2021)

Flower Garland Sutra
(J. Kegon kyo; Skt. Avataṃsaka Sūtra) in Silver Paint on Indigo-dyed Paper

Feature Exhibition

The Beginnings of the Nara Imperial Museum

Traces of Effort in Architectural Drawings and Documents

Saturday, February 6th to Sunday, March 21st (2021)

Cross Section, Front Elevation
Main Entrance to the Nara Museum in 1:20 Scale
(From “The Imperial Household Architectural Drawings of the Nara Museum”)

Feature Exhibition
  The 1400th Memorial for Prince Shōtoku

Prince Shōtoku and Treasures of Early Buddhist Faith in Japan

Tuesday, April 27th to Sunday, June 20th, 2021

National Treasure
Seated Prince Shōtoku
(Hōryūji Temple, Nara)