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In Commemoration of the Enthronement
The 71st Annual Exhibition of Shōsō-in Treasures

  Now in its 71st year, the Shōsō-in Exhibition will open against the backdrop of Nara’s autumnal tapestry of color. Forty-one treasures will be on display: fourteen from the North Section, eight from the Middle Section, seventeen from the South Section, and two from the Shōgozō, the sutra repository. Of these, four works are exhibited for the first time. In commemoration of the emperor’s enthronement, some of the most celebrated and representative treasures of the Shōsō-in appear in this year’s exhibition, in addition to treasures that can tell us a great deal about the origins and heritage of the Shōsō-in.
  The cultural flourishing of the Tenpyō period is brought to life in such treasures as the Feather-Decorated Screen Panels of Beauties Under Trees. All six panels that once formed a folding screen renowned for its “Tenpyō Beauties” will be on display. A love of the exotic can be seen in pieces like the Six-Lobed Gilt Silver Tray with Repoussé Deer and Flower Motif rich with floral ornament. Meanwhile, works like the Kin Zither with Gold and Silver Cutouts Imbedded in Lacquer, a Mother-of-Pearl Inlay Box, and the Red Sandalwood Long-Handled Incense Burner with Gold Inlay display the superb craftsmanship of the time.
  Come learn, too, about the beginnings of the Shōsō-in collection through treasures that played a part in its formation, such as a Lacquered Red Zelkova Cabinet passed down through six generations of the imperial line from the time of Emperor Tenmu (r. 673–686), and the Record of Folding Screens with Lord Fujiwara no Fuhito's Calligraphy (Fujiwara-kō shinseki byōbu chō, part of a register of offerings to Tōdai-ji Temple that indexes the no-longer-extant calligraphy of Fujiwara no Fuhito (658–720) mounted as screens. The exhibition of these treasures is not to be missed.
  Also on display are boxes within which treasures were stored and shelves upon which objects were placed. As you admire these objects facilitating the transmission of the collection and its heritage, please take special note of the Shōsō-in treasures that continue to convey traditions and legacies of the past, like the crown fragments that have long been referenced on the occasion of imperial enthronement ceremonies.
  Savor these marvelous treasures while drawing close to the spirit of Tenpyō here in Nara, the place where these treasures were actually used 1300 years ago, and the very place where they have been carefully protected and passed down ever since.

Lacquered Red Zelkova Cabinet,
North Section

Feather-Decorated Screen
Panels of Beauties Under Trees,
Screen #1,
North Section


October 26 (Sat.) – November 14 (Thu.), 2019
Open for the duration of the exhibition


The New East Wing and West Wing, Nara National Museum


9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
*Note that the exhibition hours will be extended until 8:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and on Holidays.
*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.
*Special Late Admission tickets for admission after 4:30 PM on Mondays through Thursdays and after 6:30 PM on Fridays Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays can be bought at the museum on that day starting at 3:30 PM on Mondays through Thursdays and at 5:30 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
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Individual Advance Ticket / Group Late Admission
General Admission ¥1,100 ¥1,000 ¥800
College/ High School Students ¥700 ¥600 ¥500
Junior High/ Elementary School Students ¥400 ¥300 ¥200
Campus Members ¥400
Parent-child Pair ¥1,100
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* Advance tickets are available until October 25.
* Discount parent-child pair tickets cover a set for an adult plus an elementary through junior high school child. They are only available as advance tickets sold exclusively at major play guide counters and convenience stores.
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* The entrance fee covers the main exhibition plus the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall and the Ritual Bronzes Gallery.
* Admission is FREE—for both the exhibition and the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall and the Ritual Bronzes Gallery—on November 14th in celebration of the Enthronement Ceremony.

Works on display

Total number of works: 41
*4 objects on exhibit for the first time ever.

Cultural Exchange Day for Foreign Students

November 1 (Fri.), 2019
Free admission to “The 71st Annual Exhibition of Shōsō-in Treasures”.
*Please show your student ID card at the entrance.


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