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Commemorating the 80th Birthdays of thier Majesties the Emperor
and Empress

The 66th Annual Exhibition of Shōsō-in Treasures

  This year the Exhibition of Shōsō-in Treasures adds its color to autumn in Nara for the 66th time.
  Commemorating the 80th birthdays of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress, the 59 treasures on display (6 never shown before) transmit the beauty of Tenpyō culture to the present day.
  From the personal effects of Emperor Shōmu and Empress Kōmyō, 4 of the 6 Folding Screens with Bird Feathers Decorating a Lady under a Tree are exhibited for the first time in 15 years. Most likely, the joint display of bewitching “Tenpyō Beauties” will be a topic that circulates this fall. Transcending time, Emperor Shōmu’s presence is revealed in his Red Sandalwood Armrest with Marquetry, the Japanese Cypress Bed Frame for the bed he lay in, and the Ceremonial Shoes he wore during the Consecration Ceremonies for the Great Buddha.
  Also, we hope that contact with treasures evoking the splendor Tenpyō culture, like the Glass Ewer and Marble Weight brimming with foreign atmosphere, or the gorgeous mirrors, the exquisitely decorated musical instruments, the offering boxes set in reverence before the Buddha or Bodhisattva, and the strings of glass bead decorations will bring the ancient Nara capital to mind.
  The Record of the Nation’s Rare Treasures lists numerous weapons and armors, but a large number of these were taken out of the Repository in 764 to put down the rebellion of Fujiwara no Nakamaro, and most were not returned. A display focusing on weapons housed in the Middle Section that closely resemble the lost ones constitutes another special attraction of this year’s exhibition. Please note the Tenpyō Military Corner featuring a magnificent Sword (Tachi) with Gold Decoration and a Lacquered-Vine Quiver (Koroku) with Arrows.

Folding Screen with Bird Fearhers Decorating a Lady under a tree, Panel 4, detail (From North Section)


October 24 (Fri.) ~ November 12 (Wed.), 2014
Open throughout the term.


Nara National Museum New East and West wings

Open hours

9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
*Note that the exhibition will be extended until 7:00 PM on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holiday (November 3).
*Last admission is 30 minutes before closing.  See Exhibition Calendar


Individual Advance ticket / Group "Autumn Late"
Adults ¥1,100 ¥1,000 ¥800
College/ High School Students ¥700 ¥600 ¥500
Junior High/ Elementary School Students ¥400 ¥300 ¥200
Campus Members ¥400

* "Group" discount is applied to groups consisting of more than 20 people guided by a group leader.
* "Autumn Late" discount tickets are valid only from one and a half hours before the closing time of the day.(You can purchase the tickets from two and a half hours before the closing time at the ticket box of Nara National Museum.)
* Free of charge entry to disabled certificate holders and an accompanying caretaker (upon presenting the certificate).
* During the Exhibition of Shōsō-in Treasures, the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall and the Ritual Bronzes Gallery will be closed.
* In commemoration of the Majesties' 80th birthdays, admission will be free on November 12 (Wed.).
* Advance Ticket can be purchased at below. Available from September 9 (Tue.) to October 23 (Thu.).
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Works on display

Total number of works:59
*6 objects on exhibit for the first time ever.
>See some works (Japanese page)


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