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Kasuga ShrineKasuga Shrine

Kasuga Shrine

The Kasuga Shrine is located in the fields of Kasuga, spreading across the foothills of Mt. Mikasa. Legend tells us that the shrine originated when the deity Takemikazuchi no Mikoto arrived on the summit of Mt. Mikasa from the Kashima Shrine in Hitachi Province (the present-day Kashima Shrine, Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture). There were no structures on the site until 768, when the Fujiwara clan built shrines in four locations to worship Takemikazuchi no Mikoto and three other gods: Futsunushi no Mikoto, Amenokoyame no Mikoto, and Himegami. They were worshipped at five individual shrines (J. Gosho Myojin) after the Wakamiya Shrine was constructed in 1135. Beginning in the Heian period, the Fujiwara clan along with the emperor and the imperial family actively sponsored the shrine and donated numerous sacred items for the gods enshrined within the inner sanctuaries. Today, the Kasuga Shrine Treasure House (J., Kasuga Taisha Hōmotsukan) preserves many of these treasures along with other valuable objects. The shrine and its surrounding forests are part of the World Heritage Site “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.”

The Nara National Museum has held various related exhibitions, such as The Art and Faith of Kasuga and The Deities and Art of Yamato: Bugaku Masks, Equestrian Tack, and Other Shintō Treasures.

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