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Lower Level Passageway

Entrance to Passageway

Entrance to Lower Level Passageway

The 150m-long passageway was built in 1997, and it connects the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall, the new Wings. It is open to the public and is accessible from the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall, the new Wings, and also from directly outside the museum buildings.
A museum shop and a restaurant are situated in the lower level passageway. The museum shop sells original museum merchandise as well as a large collection of books on art and history.
The open space near the Nara Buddhist Sculpture Hall displays models of Buddha statues and photo panels introducing Buddhist art to visitors in a more amiable fashion.

Photograph panels of restored cultural properties: Lower level passageway
Painting: Important Cultural Property. The 49 Descents of Amitabha, colors on silk (Shijūku Kebutsu Amida Raigō-zu), Kōmyō-ji temple, Kyoto.
Sculpture: Important Cultural Property. A figure of Dhrtarastra (J. Jikokuten), wood, (handed down from Uchiyama Eikyu-ji), Tōdaiji Temple, Nara.
Sculpture: National Treasure. Tweezer-Shaped Sword (J. Kenukigata Tachi), from the collection of Wakamiya Goryō Koshinpō, Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Nara.

Panel display: Lower level passageway
X-ray and infrared photos of the National Treasure Eleven-Headed Avalokitesvara (J. Jūichimen Kannon-zō), collection of the Nara National Museum.

Exhibition section (Replicas of Buddhist statues)

Exhibition section
(Replicas of Buddhist statues)



Museum shop

Museum Shop



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